Hiring a Joyful, Part-Time Caregiver/Mother's Helper

Hello there!

I’m Cara-Marie (a woman with two first names). I work from home and since work has started to pick up, we are looking for someone special to fill this important role, and perhaps that person is you!

We are seeking a joyful, part-time Caregiver and Mother’s Helper, starting as soon as possible—ideally by October 15, if possible. Please ONLY apply if you meet ALL of the following requirements.

This is a part-time (two days a week, preferably either Monday and Wednesday OR Tuesday and Thursday) hourly position – from 1 pm to 5 pm in the afternoons


Who you’ll care for:

18-month-old boy (Malachi)

We’re looking for:

  • Joyful Caregiver

  • Hard Worker and Self Starter

  • Health-Oriented (non-smoker, etc.) because this job takes a ton of energy!

  • Organized and Efficient

  • A Passionate Teacher and Lover of Children!

  • A background in early childhood education or teaching is a plus

Ideally, you are either an early child care educator, or retired teacher who would enjoy going from a larger classroom environment to focusing on one family and working closely with a young child in his own environment. But we are open. Some previous childcare experience is required, but it doesn't necessarily have to be formal training.

Must be extremely organized, energetic, joyful (we love to be silly), and experienced in childcare.

Must have own transportation, and a clean driving record and background check.

The tasks related to caring for Malachi while I work, include:

  • Playing

  • Reading (he LOVES books)

  • Activities

  • Diaper Changes/Trips to the Potty

  • Feeding

  • Cleaning Up Toys

  • Outdoor Playtime

  • And on Occasion Light Chores (Washing up the dishes, or running Malachi's laundry)

There will be a flexible schedule you can follow. I will plan any early learning lessons and activities and you would be in charge of implementing it. Any input and suggestions you may have would be welcomed! We will spend a lot of time together, loving on this smart, growing boy alongside each other during our time together.

Our faith is a cornerstone in our home. We are seeking a caregiver who can teach and reinforce Christian principles and lead by example. We are looking for someone who has a strong faith, is calm under pressure, confident in their faith, and is willing to develop a passion for shaping our child’s hearts alongside us.

We do not take this position lightly so please PRAY about this position and ONLY reply if you meet ALL of these requirements.

We will begin video interviews ASAP.

Please read through this post and the application thoroughly. Your attention to detail is part of the interview. : ) We are praying for you as you apply and SO grateful for you applying!

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P.S. If you know someone else who this would be a great fit for, please pass this post along. Thank you so much!

Please Apply Here: https://forms.gle/fhg7Puj95KafQx6A6

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