Rest. Reset. Go.

In My mind,

12:00 am EST on July 1 is the equivalent to a starter pistol shot that signals the start of a track and field race.

Six more months in the year…and we’re off! :in my announcer voice:


In May (2016), I asked Danny to train me (why did I do that to myself? Lol). One of the first things we discovered was that my fast-twitch muscles were shot.

Fast-twitch, as opposed to slow-twitch, muscles are the muscle fibers that help you react immediately and are activated in powerful bursts when the body nears maximum exertion.

A sprinter’s fast-twitch muscles are trained to kick into high gear at the sound of the starter pistol.

My reaction time? Sucked!

But one of the best parts of being human is the ability to change for the better.

And with training (thanks husband!) my fast-twitch muscle fibers have gotten stronger and my reaction time has gotten much better.

But what about the race ahead?


July 1 is a sort of mid-year New Year.

It’s a clear line of demarcation that separates the beginning of the year from the year’s untouched second half.

It’s a reminder that six entire months remain in the current year.

For some this can be a comforting thought and may even bring a ray of hope. What adventures await!?

For others this may be in their minds the continuation of one long, bad dream, worse than a dream deferred.

Still there are others who are completely indifferent, and view the date change as nothing more than a different day in the same year.

I knew I wanted to kick it in to high gear during the second half of the year, but I had no real time to contemplate the "how."

The last few weeks have been busy! Tending to family, wrapping up end of quarter projects for work, and seeking out new opportunities. It’s been a fulfilling, emotional, and exhausting time. 

I was drained. And stuck to my computer again.

When I finally tried to solidify my plans, I just couldn’t. My mind (like my fast-twitch muscle fiber) was shot!

I realized before I could adjust and hit my July RESET, I needed to REST!

In order to reset anything, you have to literally STOP what you’re doing before you can make the adjustment.

That stop, or pause, is a REST. And that moment of REST gives you the ability to clearly see what adjustments need to be made so that you can RESET and GO forward.

I needed that. I Still NEED that. And JESUS says I can have that! And you can too. (See the green light and invitation here)

I’m working on responding to that blank check of REST every day. Here’s how:

  • Prayer and Meditation - Spending a few minutes to acknowledge I'm not my ultimate source Christ is! And He cares about our overwhelm and wants to combat it with His rest. 
  • Prioritizing - Some projects, to do list items, and emails are higher priorities on a given day than others.
  • Play Inspiring Music - This varies for me, so anything from gospel music and Bob Marley to classical music and calming nature sounds.
  • Take Lunch. EAT Lunch. - There were days when I wasn't eating until 4 in the afternoon because I was so busy I simply forgot to eat. I've been getting better at eating breakfast and taking time for lunch and actually using that time to eat lunch. Sometimes I have have an hour for lunch sometimes only 15 minutes. 
  • Limiting Social Media - I officially can't keep up and to be honest I don't want to. 
  • Gratitude - Making a conscious effort to realize that even on my most difficult days I am blessed.

In addition to finding daily moments of rest, I’m taking an entire week off some time this month to go offline and on vacation. (It’s our first real vacation since our honeymoon almost two years ago. It’s scheduled and on my calendar so I know it’s real. I’m hype! LOL)

Fast-twitch muscle fibers are powerful but they are also the first to fatigue because they are lowest in endurance. They need REST before a sprinter can Reset and GO again. 

We're powerful, but we are not our Ultimate Source, especially when it comes to endurance. We need REST. And REST is available.

July is exciting! It's a wonderful reminder that we are ONLY at the half way mark!


There is still a lot of life to be lived in the following moments, days, weeks, and months.

But before you hit the mid-2016 RES[E]T button at midnight and go into overdrive, take some time to REST and celebrate your blessings.

We did it! We made it to the last day in June – through winter’s cold, April showers, May flowers, and the ups and downs in between – we made it. We’re still here in 2016!

…and I’m GLAD about it!

CHEERS to Terrific Thursdays, First day of the month Fridays, and three day weekends!

Loving you…