Springtime: Atlanta Eats, Sweets, and Treats

Spring is here!! (Actually, we’ve been experiencing Springtime in Atlanta since mid-March...)

Spring in Atlanta means cool, to downright cold, Spring mornings to perfect-temperature-weather by afternoon. It also mean more hours of daylight in the evening. 

Spring is one of my favorite times of year! After wanting nothing more than to cuddle, sip hot vanilla chai tea, and sit in front of the fireplace all winter –

Spring is an invitation to get out of the house and explore the world.

...Danny has been in Atlanta much longer than I have so I’m always excited when he plans a date (day or night) and takes me somewhere I’ve never been before.

If you’re in Atlanta and looking for some great eats, sweets, or treats to enjoy this Spring this list is for you.


Ru Sans

Ru Sans is a laid back Japanese eatery. The location we went to featured high bar seating and low tables as well.

Danny recently treated us to Sushi and Sake. We went on a Friday night. The wait was a little long and the service was slow but my sushi roll (I had the Crunchy Mui Bueno) and the fried rice was excellent. I really liked that they put squash in the fried rice and that it tasted fresh.

Cheers to another first! It was my first time at Ru Sans and my first time having hot sake. All in all it was a great experience.


Patio Season

Now that Spring is here patio season is in full effect at Atlanta restaurants, that means enjoying the cool breeze and basking in the warm sunshine while eating yummy foods and downing tasty drinks in an open air setting that elicits interesting conversations and belly laughter.

Tex Mex –

Danny and I really really enjoy tex-mex cuisine – tacos, saffron (yellow) rice, fajitas, chimichangas, queso dip, all of it. (Danny makes a mean fish taco, like, I have a hard time eating fish tacos from anywhere else.)

But whenever we Are in the mood, and our budget allows, we take advantage of all the great cantinas in the area.

So far this spring we’ve been to Tin Lizzy’s. We had a great server and the tacos were great - I had the Chicken Con Queso, Buffalo Shrimp, and the Santa Fe Steak - all delish! 

I also recommend F.R.O.G.S. - I’m OBSESSED with their chimichanga meal - it's the best in Atlanta by far!

The Go To –

I grew up watching the show CHEERS with my dad (cue intro song: Where everybody knows your name) and the convivial feeling so tangible in that show is what Danny and I experience every time we go to Hudson Grille.

If you want to catch a boxing match, or the NBA Playoffs and enjoy a consistently great burger or wings and beer – this is the place. We’re known by name at Hudson on the back patio.



GOLD Medalist

Sublime Doughnuts

Since I moved to Atlanta Danny has been telling me about Sublime Doughnuts, and after almost 4 years, I finally, FINALLY got my hands on not one, but TWO scrumdiddlyumptious Sublime Doughnuts –

the red velvet doughnut and the go-smack-your-mama strawberry shortcake doughnut.

Lord have mercy.

That strawberry shortcake doughnut should be illegal. From start to finish your mouth erupts with divine explosions of flavor. You need it in life. Try it and thank me later.


Runner Up


Confession: We thought the new Sublime Donoughnut location near us was open, but when Danny went he realized it wasn’t. But all was not lost, he discovered this charming cupcakery right next door and brought back a yummy cookies-n-cream (my fav candybar) cupcake. He had red velvet. If you love cupcakes, Smallcakes is a great place to add to your "To Try" list. 


The Go To

Sugar Shack

The Atlanta Sweets list wouldn’t be complete if we left out our go to - Sugar Shack. Cakes, cookies, pies, cupcakes, cannoli, tiramisu, sandwiches, and a great latte.

I’m usually not a baked goods person (lol) but their carrot cake?

Their Sweet Potato Cupcake?

Their snickerdoodle cookies?

For Sugar Shack I’ll turn my sweet tooth all the way on. I'm not over exaggerating when I say we take all our out of town guests to Sugar Shack when they come to visit. 



Water Color Weather

Spring is the perfect reason (excuse) to spend more time outdoors.

It’s a time for spontaneous picnics that come about for no other reason except the it’s a beautiful day to live in the sunshine.

Azariah and I spent several afternoons on the lawn right outside our door painting, when she was here. I found painting with water colors to be soothing (and forgiving) so even after Azariah left I’ve continued to take breaks every now and then to go outside and paint.



Festival season is here. One of my favorite things about Atlanta are the many festivals that happen around the city between the months of April and September.

Many of the festivals do not charge an entry. Sure the food and drinks are overpriced (to be expected) but the experience (good vibes, great music, etc.) more than makes up for it.

Dogwood – The 80th Dogwood festival took place in Piedmont Park a couple weeks ago. We went Friday evening but by the time we got there the vendors had already closed shop for the evening. We still enjoyed walking around the park at dusk.

City Skyline from Piedmont Park

City Skyline from Piedmont Park

Upcoming Festivals

The Atlanta Taco Festival – The 1st Annual Taco Festival is coming to Candler Park in Atlanta on May 1, 2016 (A perfect way to usher in Cinco de Mayo). 

This festival does have an entry fee and to take advantage of the largest Taco competition on the East Coast you will have to spend a little extra. But if you’re a taco lover, this sounds like the place to be. 

Jazz Festival – I absolutely over love Atlanta Jazz Fest.  It's held every year on Memorial Day weekend (Friday to Sunday) in Piedmont Park and it's one of the largest FREE jazz festivals in the country.

The festival features live music from jazz musicians on several stages throughout the park - my favorite stage is the International stage. The city of Atlanta celebrates Jazz music the entire month of May with events every single day leading up to the Jazz festival. 


What are your favorite Springtime Atlanta Eats, Sweets, and Treats?