The Magic of Autumn

I just love autumn!

The changing colors of the leaves. The cooler weather.


Autumn is perfect for crackling fires, oversized sweaters, hot chocolate, and lots and lots of cuddling.

There were days this past month when it felt like the Atlanta-area decided to skip fall and go straight to winter. But, there have also been some really beautiful days when the weather was perfectly crisp in the morning and the day warmed up enough to shed some layers by afternoon.

We had one of those days not long ago, and it was pure magic!

After a busy weekend, it was refreshing to get out the house for the sole purpose of spending some quality time together.

Malachi is a morning baby, so we got off to an early start. The temperature was in the 30s that morning. So priority number 1 was making sure Malachi was warmly dressed and nice and snug. We dressed him in a long sleeve shirt and sweat pants and covered him up in his car seat with a muslin blanket, and a warmer blanket.


Our first stop of the morning was for a yummy Louisiana-inspired breakfast at Another Broken Egg Café.

Malachi sat in a high chair and ate pureéd pumpkin (from home) while we enjoyed pescatarian-friendly breakfast scrambles. The food was delish!

After we left the café, we drove to the plaza in the city center. It’s actually one of my favorite places to go, when I take Malachi out in his stroller and go for a walk (usually in much warmer weather).

There are several water and fountain features in the plaza around city hall, but my favorite is the one with the fierce lion faces.


Usually only Malachi and I are present to enjoy the sights, so it was a treat to have Danny with us.

We walked through the plaza towards the shops and boutiques, and stopped at Kilwins. The sweet and seductive aroma of sugar greeted us at the door.

I’m not sure if the man who welcomed us in was the owner of that location or just the manager on duty but he engaged with us right away and overall gave us a great customer experience!

We left Kilwins with ice cream in hand. We both only got one scoop, but it was a generous scoop!


Malachi is too young to know the temptation of sweets, and he was content just to observe.


We kept walking until we reached our final destination of the morning, Comeback Vinyl!


We have a small but steadily growing collection of records on vinyl. And Comback Vinyl is one of Danny’s favorite places to go vinyl treasure hunting!

The store has a great used section and we’ve gotten some classic albums for under $10 from their used section, and in great condition! It’s only on occasion, for a rare find, that is new will we end up spending more than $20 on one record.

We can already tell Malachi loves music as much as we do!

He seemed to enjoy searching through the records as much as his daddy.


We had an eventful morning, and still by the time we got home, it was only 1 o’clock.

Danny actually had to work later that day, which made our time together as a family even more meaningful.

That’s the magic of autumn!

Whether it’s going out to enjoy a beautiful fall day, or staying inside and cuddling up to keep warm, or getting together to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, that quality time is invaluable.

It’s the magic that special memories are made of…

Wishing you a year end that is nothing short of magical!

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